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Edelweiss in vodka!

Alpine Vibes launches a new line of spirits with mountain airs. The Morand distillery takes part in it.

by Siméon Calame | March 30, 2021

Photo: Alpine Vibes

ALPINE MEMORIES. A cocktail at edelweiss, do you like it? The proposal seems incongruous, but it is indeed the basis of the recipes that Alpine Vibes put together this winter. Since the beginning of March, the new Swiss spirits brand has been marketing 100% Swiss gin, vodka and mezcal. "My two associates and I love the mountains, the countryside, the hikes ... explains Anne-Laure Sibille, co-founder of Alpine Vibes. It is to share these memories of sharing and conviviality that we make each of the recipes with edelweiss and genepi, to give a natural touch. "


ECO-FRIENDLY ALCOHOL. In addition to these two alpine plants, Williamine is also found in Alpine Vibes recipes. Indeed, Anne-Laure Sibille and her two acolytes collaborate with the Morand distillery to create their spirits. "They are located in the Alps and know a lot about mountain grasses: they are invaluable aids!" explains Anne-Laure. And to go even further in the “nature” philosophy, the young Swiss company donates 1% of its income to Summit Foundation, a Swiss environmental foundation which organizes in particular waste collection in the mountains.


COLLABORATIONS OF TASTE. Even if this is only the beginning, Anne-Laure Sibille does not hide her desire to soon collaborate with chefs at events or tastings. “You can imagine a lot of dishes with these alcohols,” she continues. Why not make meals that are 100% Alpine Vibes? ” While waiting to find such gourmet gatherings, you can find bottles of gin, vodka and mezcal in some regional grocery stores, in certain wine merchants as well as on their website.


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